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Growth Hacking Services in Bangalore and Hubli

We provide growth hacking services in Bangalore and Hubli. Growth hacking is a discipline that can be cultivated within a marketing team. In larger organizations, there can be a separate, cross-function growth contingent. Either way, growth hacking and digital marketing are two very complementary specialism. We go beyond traditional marketing, we use cutting-edge techniques to grow your business. We are a team of experienced marketers, entrepreneurs & growth experts. Growth Hackers is committed to helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers grow their business or startup. We'll help you build your brand, reach your target audience, get leads and increase your revenue. If you're serious about propelling your business to the next level, contact us now. We are at position top among growth hacking services in hubli-bangalore.

Why You Need A Growth Hacker?

Growth Hacking is the latest buzz word in the marketing world and many businesses are now striving to bring a “growth hacker” onto their marketing teams. However, many of those businesses are not set up to benefit from growth hacking – their processes are too convoluted or require too many approvals. Growth Hacking is about being quick in terms of the number of tests you roll out and sadly many organizations cannot accommodate that which is why most growth hacking is occurring in the startup world as startups are agile and nimble enough to accommodate the demands of growth hacking. Do you need a growth hacker? Most likely. Whether your structure makes growth hacking a possibility is the real question. Any business or type of organization from startups to personal brands can and should use growth hacking to deliver high growth rates. High growth rates will drive revenue, allowing you have to have more funds available for future growth.

Our growth hacking involves a simple five step process.

IDEA: Here we will develop a number of ideas or hypotheses that will want to test. These are the different ideas that we think we deliver you higher levels of growth. Some will be base don what we see in your data, others will be basedon what we have seen in our decade of experience conducting conversion optimization tests.

PRIORITIZE: Once we have a list of tests and experiments that we would like to run we will then go through the list and prioritize each of the experiments by level of impact we expect it to have on your growth rate. Growth Hacking is, after all, about achieving significant growth so we want to focus on those tests that give you the biggest bang for your buck.

TEST: Once prioritized its time for the rubber to hit the road and to begin conducting the tests. Our testing engineers will outline the parameters of the growth hacking experiment and determine what percentage of the total population will be included in the test as well as provide a rough expectation as to how long the test will last. At MarketingModo, our expert test engineers will typically run three tests at any given time to maximize your growth potential and impact from those tests while ensuring they do not effect each other negatively nor murky up the waters statistically

ANALYZE: Our engineers will let the test run long enough to achieve a statistically significant outcome and one that will allow us to determine a winner. The amount of time this takes largely depends on your levels of traffic and can range from as short as a week to 2-3 weeks. We will review the data, determine a winner and take the process to the nest step – implementation.

IMPLEMENTATION: The point of the experiments and tests is to provide a better experience to your audience and get them to convert at a higher rate. You won’t be able to do that unless you implement the results of your tests into your live site. Once a winner has been determined in the growth hacking tests we have conducted we will implement the winning experience onto your website and begin the process again.

Note: We also provide training for this module.