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360 Leads® is a lead generation company. We find new customer sales leads for our clients – by connecting them with key decision makers that are interested in their products or services – so they can grow their business, anywhere in the world.

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What is Lead Generation in 2020?

A lead is a prospective customer who has shown interest in the services or products provided by your company. Their interest is expressed through sharing their contact information such as an email or a phone number.

Why Lead Generation Is Important
  • Lead generation is essential for both marketing and sales teams because it helps to:
  • Obtain new sales leads
  • Generate the right leads

While lead acquisition, by definition, involves using both inbound and outbound tactics to generate leads, most sales reps and marketers find more success with inbound strategies.

There are two main marketing lead generation channels:
  • Outbound marketing
  • Inbound marketing

What Are MQLs and SQLs ?

  • MQL – Marketing qualified lead
  • SQL – Sales qualified lead

MQLs are prospects that the marketing team deems promising but not yet ready buy – they have shown interest or initiated contact, but there isn’t enough data to determine their level of interest. These leads are handed over to the marketing team which then engages and nurtures them, providing relevant information and scoring the leads based on their response and actions. When these leads are deemed to be potentially ready to purchase, they are handed over to the sales team and become SQLs. SQLs area leads that whose interest level has been determined and are past the engagement phase. They’ve been analyzed by both the marketing and sales teams, and are now ready for the next stage of the process – the direct sales push. Each lead should be analyzed by both the sales team and the marketing team to determine where each lead is in the buyer’s journey and how it should be approached.


Plan and Research

We study your business and make a complete report before executing the project, how it works? What kind of target viewers you have? Where are you currently positioning your product or service at? Demographics and geographic conditions and so on. We decide what medium suits the best for your business to generate the leads.


With our past expertise, we have experimented all the techniques that are productive for our clients. Our digital marketing initiative has a long-term goal which serves high ROI for our clients.

Create content

​ Well-delivered content goes a long way in convincing users to do business with you. You can generate even more leads by ensuring you provide valuable data and information about your product or services along with it.

Replacing sales with support

If you can solve customer queries within the first interaction, it’s a game changer for your lead generation process.



Targeting desired customers

Lead generation allows you to target your wanted customers at different demographic locations and collect significant information about prospects, their needs, and their favourites.

Generating brand awareness

Brand awareness is a measure of how well your brand is known inside its defined markets. The more the people that have heard about your brand the solider your standing is and the greater your profit possible will be.

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Can qualified lead generation help land big clients?

Yes, qualified lead generation can help. We all know how it feels when you have your sites locked on a potential business-defining client. It’s an exciting feeling when there’s hope.